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SAM’S CLUB Personal Credit Account Program Synchrony Bank Privacy Policy


As a valued member, we are committed to providing you with exceptional service and product offers. To do this, we rely on, and sometimes share with other parties, information about you. We want you to understand what information we collect, how we share it, and the steps we take to protect member information. We also want you to understand the choice you have regarding our sharing of information with others.

This Privacy Policy applies only to personal SAM’S CLUB Accounts of Synchrony Bank (“SYNCB,” “We” or “Us”).

Information We Collect

We collect personally identifiable information about you, other applicants, and authorized users for many reasons, including to help identify you, evaluate your application, service and manage your Account, and broaden our relationship with you (such as by offering you products or services that you may find valuable). We collect this information from a number of sources, including the following:

  • Information provided by you on Account applications and other forms, including identifying information such as address, telephone number, e-mail address, social security number, date of birth, and mother's maiden name, and credit information such as income and employment.

  • Information obtained through your transactions and relationship with us, our affiliates, SAM’S CLUB and others, such as items purchased, payments, payment method, and information provided on member service and collections calls.

  • Information provided by credit bureaus and similar companies, such as your account and payment history with other lenders.

  • Information provided by other third parties, such as demographic firms, in connection with marketing programs.

  • Information obtained online, including from “cookies” (small pieces of data stored by your Internet browser on your computer) or other technology that may be used to remember passwords for you, to track your website usage with us, and to provide you with customized content, among other things.

Information We Share with Others

We may use and share all law, with the following (these examples are not intended to be all-inclusive):

  • SAM’S CLUB and its affiliates: To assist you in using your Account, we provide application information about you, your Account number and other information to SAM’S CLUB and its affiliates for use in connection with the SAM’S CLUB program and as otherwise permitted by law. This information might be used, for example, to enable their associates to answer questions about your Account, or to look up your Account number for you. Access to this information also enables SAM’S CLUB to provide you with notices of special promotions and other tailored offerings, as well as to update its member records and to perform other SAM’S CLUB program functions. They may use their affiliates, licensees, or third-party service providers (such as modeling and database companies) to assist them in any of these activities.

  • Service Providers: We provide information to SAM’S CLUB and other companies (including our affiliates) to assist us in servicing Accounts, like preparing billing statements and promotional materials, and responding to member inquiries. We also may use marketing firms, such as modeling companies, to assist us in our own marketing efforts.

  • Joint Marketing: We may provide information about you and your Account to another financial institution to jointly offer financial services and/or products, such as loan products or credit insurance. We may provide information about you and your Account to another financial institution to jointly offer financial services and/or products, such as loan products or credit insurance.

  • Our Affiliates: Our affiliates are other companies in the General Electric Company corporate family (“GE Family”).

    • (i) In addition to using affiliates to perform services in connection with your Account, we may provide information, such as identification, transaction and experience information, to financial services affiliates, such as those offering insurance and investment products, and we may provide information to nonfinancial services affiliates, such as those offering consumer products.

      (ii) For some programs, we also may provide such affiliates with information from your application used to determine your eligibility for credit (e.g., income) and from credit bureaus, such as your credit score or credit history (collectively, “Consumer Report Information,” which does not include identification information or our transaction and experience information). See “It’s Your Choice” for details on how to be excluded from our sharing of such Consumer Report Information.

  • Third-Party Offers: We work with select outside companies to develop special offers for you, which many of our members find valuable. For example, we disclose information, either directly or through SAM’S CLUB, to financial services providers, such as companies offering insurance, mortgages, or loan products, and to nonfinancial companies, such as those offering card registries, clubs tailored to your interests (like travel clubs), and other consumer products and services. The information we disclose may include name, address and telephone numbers, as well as Account purchase and performance history. See “It’s Your Choice” for details on how to be excluded from these programs.

  • Others: We report Account information, such as credit limit, balances and payment information, to credit bureaus. In addition, we may buy and sell assets, lines of business and/or Accounts. When this occurs, member information generally is disclosed to bidders and is one of the transferred business assets. We also disclose information about you to third parties in certain other circumstances, as permitted by law.

It’s Your Choice — Many members appreciate receiving information about products or services offered by other companies that may be of interest to them. However, we want you to have a choice. If you have previously informed us of your preference, you do not need to do so again.

Please call us toll-free at 1-877-969-9021, or write to us at P.O. Box 103064, Roswell, GA 30076, if you would like to request the following:

    Please do not share information about me with companies outside the GE Family, other than with SAM’S CLUB and its affiliates for use in connection with the SAM’S CLUB program and as otherwise permitted by law. And please do not share Consumer Report Information about me with companies within the GE Family.

      Please understand that, even if you select this choice, we also will continue to share information with joint marketing partners and service providers as described in this policy, and as otherwise permitted by law.

Important Notes About Your Choice

  • If you have a joint account, a request by one party will apply to all parties on the account.

  • We will process your request promptly. However, it may take us several weeks to ensure that all records are updated with your preference. In the interim, you may continue to be included in programs as described above.

  • Please note that after your request is processed, you may still be contacted by our affiliates and/or other companies based on their own information.

  • We will continue to provide you with billing inserts and mail notices of special offers and new benefits.

Our Security Procedures

The security of member information is very important to us and we take a number of steps to safeguard it. We maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards that comply with federal standards to guard nonpublic personal information about you. We limit access to personal and Account information to those employees and agents who assist us in providing products and services to you. Employees who fail to follow our established standards are subject to disciplinary action. We also require third parties to whom we disclose nonpublic personal information to adhere to this Privacy Policy and to establish information security procedures.

Your Access to Information

We provide you access to information about your Account in several ways. For example, we send you monthly billing statements outlining your transactions, finance charges, and other Account information. You may also call the member service telephone number if you have additional questions about your Account. For instructions on how to dispute billing information or information we have reported to a credit bureau, please see your Account Agreement or the reverse of your billing statement.

How This Policy Applies to You

The examples contained in this Privacy Policy are illustrations only, and are not intended to be all-inclusive. If you decide to close your Account or become an inactive member, or if we close or suspend your Account, we will continue to adhere to the privacy policies and practices described in this notice to the extent we retain information about you. We may amend this Privacy Policy at any time, and we will inform you of changes as required by law. You may have other privacy protections under state laws and we will comply with applicable state laws when we disclose information about you. This Privacy Policy applies only to personal SAM’S CLUB Accounts of SYNCB and does not apply to any other accounts you may have with us, and replaces our previous disclosures to you about our information practices.

Si desea recibir una copia de este aviso en español por favor llame al 1-800-417-8321.