Electronic Bills and Payments

Tech Help (back to top)

What screen resolution do I need to view my bill online? (back to top)

To view your monthly Old Navy Account Credit Card online billing statement, we recommend that your monitor's screen resolution be 1024 x 768 or 800 x 600 pixels. Either monitor setting will permit you to view your E-Bill without having to scroll your screen side to side. You can view your E-Bill at lower resolutions, but you will need to scroll from side to side to view the complete bill.

How do I change my screen resolution to 1024 x 768 or 800 x 600 pixels? (back to top)

If you have a Microsoft Windows' operating system, click on Start in the lower left portion of your screen. Select Settings, then select Control Panel. In Control Panel select Display. Next, click on Settings. In the middle of the screen is an area called Desktop Area. Within Desktop Area select 1024 x 768 or 800 x 600. Then click on Apply in the lower right corner of the screen. You may need to restart your computer before the new resolution takes effect.

For Mac users, go into your Control Panel, go to Monitor Settings and reset your resolution to 1024 x 768 or 800 x 600.

Which browser do you recommend I have in order to properly view my electronic statement? (back to top)

We recommend Internet Explorer version 5.0 and Netscape version 4.0 to 4.72. For AOL users, either the 3.0 or 4.0 AOL client for PCs or the 4.0 AOL client for Macs is recommended.

Are there any scheduled times when I will be unable to view my Old Navy bill or pay my Old Navy bill online? (back to top)

Our webserver is down for maintenance purposes on Sunday between 2 AM and 6 AM Eastern Time.

How do I print my online statement? (back to top)

You can print your online statement by using the print function of your browser.

General (back to top)

How do I enroll in E-Bill? (back to top)

Old Navy is using CheckFree to provide Old Navy Account Credit Card customers with the opportunity to receive and pay their bills online. You can enroll with CheckFree for your Old Navy Account Credit Card bill without charge, by enrolling at
https://mybills.com/webpayebill. CheckFree also offers expanded services for a monthly fee.

What is CheckFree? (back to top)

CheckFree Corporation has been at the forefront of electronic payment processing for more than 15 years. CheckFree is the leading provider of electronic commerce processing services and software products for more than 850 financial institutions, 1.3 million consumers and 1000 businesses.

Will Old Navy charge me extra for receiving or paying my bill online? (back to top)

At this time there is no charge from Old Navy for utilizing E-Bill or electronic payments. To access the no charge CheckFree enrollment site go to:

What if I am already enrolled in an online bill payment service?

You may be able to easily activate your Old Navy Account Credit Card E-Bill if your bill payment service is one of Checkfree’s over 400 partners. Simply go to your service’s "activate E-Bills" screen and click on Old Navy Account Credit Card from the list of E-Billers.

If Old Navy Account Credit Card is not one of the choices listed, then your service may not be affiliated with the Checkfree network. You can still view your E-Bill online at no charge by enrolling in Checkfree’s E-Bill service at https://mybills.com/webpayebill. Each month you can conveniently view your Old Navy Account Credit Card bill online but continue to pay it through your existing bill payment service.

E-Bill (back to top)

When will I receive my first E-Bill? (back to top)

Once you receive a message from CheckFree indicating your activation for Old Navy Account Credit Card E-Bill has been approved, you can expect your next statement to be presented electronically in addition to receiving a paper statement. You should receive this message by logging back into CheckFree within 48 hours of your activation request.

Is my E-Bill updated during the month? (back to top)

No, the E-Bill is your monthly billing statement presented online, like the billing statement you currently receive in the mail. Any payments or purchases made during the month will not be reflected until the next month statement is sent. Your recent account activity is available through our Old Navy, but not through this E-Bill service. To view your account activity go to
http://www.oldnavy.com/profile/info.do?cid=3062 and link to "See Account Info".

How do I access old E-Bills? (back to top)

While viewing your current Old Navy Account Credit Card E-bill, click on the "Statement History" navigational button at the top of screen. Click on the statement date you wish to view and the E-Bill detail will be displayed.

How many months of statement history can I view? (back to top)

We will retain for your viewing, the most recent twelve (12) months of E-Bills as long as you continue to receive E-Bills. If you want to keep a longer history than that, you need to print out a hard copy and keep it or save the data onto your hard drive by following your browser’s save feature.

What happens if I delete my Old Navy E-Bill on CheckFree? (back to top)

After you view your online bill, you can delete it. Once the E-Bill is deleted, you will be unable to access your bill detail. To keep the bill detail, you will need to either print out a hard copy before deleting the E-Bill, or wait until next month’s E-Bill to view the current and historical bill detail. You can then access previous bills by clicking on "Statement History".

Will I continue to receive my paper bill? (back to top)

Your paper statement will be discontinued after 3 months.

Will I receive online offers and promotions with my E-Bill? (back to top)

Old Navy will not be sending online offers and promotions at this time.

If I receive a duplicate E-Bill, which one do I select to view my electronic statement? (back to top)

If you receive a duplicate E-Bill, click on the electronic statement listed second (or underneath the first) to view your bill detail. Although still listed at CheckFree, the other E-Bill has been disabled.

What happens if I decide to stop receiving my Old Navy Account Credit Card bill electronically? (back to top)

Although you will still be able to access prior online billing statements, you will no longer receive new E-Bills once you deactivate. Please refer to your paper billing statement once you deactivate E-Bill. You may re-activate your E-Bill service at any time.

Payment Information (back to top)

Can I make a payment by mail if I receive my bills online? (back to top)

We encourage our customers to take advantage of the benefits of the new electronic payment option, but you also can mail in your payment. Please be sure to include your payment coupon found at the top of your paper billing statement that you received in the mail, so that we can properly credit your account.

What if I don’t have enough money in the bank when I make an electronic payment? (back to top)

We will be notified that the payment cannot be honored and your Old Navy Account may be assessed a return payment fee in addition to any late charges and finance charges that may normally accrue.

How far in advance of the due date should I schedule my electronic payments?
(back to top)

Please be aware that you need to initiate the scheduled payment request at least five business days prior to the date you wish the payment to be processed. For example, if your payment due date is the 15th of the month, you need to access your E-Bill service by the 10th, then schedule the payment to be made on the 15th.

How do I change or stop a payment that I have scheduled? (back to top)

Most bill payment services allow the customer to change or stop a payment that has been scheduled. Please refer to the instructions of the bill payment service you are using for the specific steps required.

Will I be assigned a payment confirmation number for my records? (back to top)

Based on the version of the bill payment service that you are using, a confirmation number may or may not be provided. If you wish to keep a record of your payment, you can print out a hard copy of the completed payment page before submitting.